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Comfort Help: Injections (invasive) 
More recent reviews indicate pain management programs relying spinal injections and analgesic drugs shows no better than usual care for improving functional outcomes (Guzman`02). Absent radiculopathy, back pain is not improved by epidural glucocorticoids or anesthetic Injections. With or without radiculopathy injections into lumbar disks, lumbar facets, and trigger points show little promise (Nelemans`01, Khot`04).  Radiofrequency ablation of facet joints small nerves moderate effect lasting for only 4 weeks(van Kleef`99), and in another trial ineffective(Leclaire 01). 
  Trigger Point and Ligamentous Injections 
  Facet Joint Injections 
  Epidural Injections (Steroids, Lidocaine, Opioids) 
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